5 Home Design Ideas That Make Back to School Easier

Untitled design 2 - Blackwell Real Estate Group - 5 Home Design Ideas That Make Back to School Easier

Before the new school year begins, take stock of how your home design supports a back-to-school schedule switch-up. Between keeping track of team uniforms, packed lunches and homework assignments, your home has to work hard to get back into the school zone — and each room has an important job to do. Here’s how to make sure they’re all doing what they can to make back to school that much easier.

  • School Tough Mudder – organize your mud room with labelled hooks
  • Not-So-Strange Bedfellows – set up your child’s room more efficiently
  • Kitchen Confidential – create a homework area
  • Bath Bomb – add baskets for each child to to make mornings a little easier
  • Wash ‘n’ Dash – add a drying rack or countertop to make sorting easier

When back to school season hits, there’s a lot to think about: school supplies, class schedules and family meal planning. Make sure your home design and organization systems are ready to take on the change in daily routine.

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