5 Home Makeovers Where The Reveal Did Not Go As Planned

Your home is your castle. It is the place where you hide away from the world after a long day of getting berated by your boss because your TPS reports didn’t get their due attention. It’s your safe space. So, with that in mind, why in God’s name would you put your precious abode in the hands of amateurs? Home makeover shows are all the rage in the reality TV world. A lot of times things go well and homeowners love their new redecorated and reinvigorated dwellings. Then, there are times like these…

1. Floral Overload.

If you like your room to look like Mary Poppins exploded in it, well, this room is right up your alley. If, like the rest of the normal people in the world, this room’s décor made your eyes go cross and you got an instant ice cream headache from looking at it… well it’s just a horrible job then.


2. Bedroom Makeover… say whaaat?

The reason the people that did this decorating are considered “amateur”? Anyone that says, “You know what this room needs… a stuffed white squirrel”, does NOT deserve PRO status. Ever.


3. Living Room Sadness.

While the design was nice and homeowners should probably be thankful for people doing work in their home, this is a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Via wakeupscreaming

4. What Were They Thinking??

The first floor looks like it’s from the set of the 1980’s movie ‘Troll’. The second floor… well we think the designer has a Barbie obsession.


5. Prank of the Week.

Two things. 1. Best.roommates.ever. 2. That’s what you get when you try and dress like you’re Tom Cruise from Top Gun. That’s what you get Maverick. A pink room.

Via chasfile

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