5 tips for improving your neighbourhood

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Your community is where you live, work and play. It gives you comfort and stability, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make changes for the better. If you’re hoping to get more engaged in your neighbourhood, here are some tips to get started.

Support local organizations: Whether it’s buying your groceries at farmers’ markets, checking out the plays and sculptures of local artists, or shopping and dining at small businesses, use your dollars to show your neighbours that they matter.

Volunteer your time: This can be a meaningful way of getting more involved, while also giving back. Find something you’re passionate about and donate whatever time you can, whether it’s an hour every month or a day every week. Your local library, retirement home or animal shelter are all great places that need your help.

Suggest new ideas: Whether it’s building a new park as an alternative to screen time for the local kids or creating a new bus route that’s sorely missing and would help your morning commute, try generating interest in an initiative the whole neighbourhood can get behind. Use census data and Statistics Canada’s online tools to help your community leaders make informed decisions when they’re planning their budgets and allocating resources.

Organize an event: Think about where your community could use some help, and then plan an activity that could make a difference. If people are feeling a bit down after a long winter, a community picnic in the spring could help cheer everyone up. If a treasured historical building needs repairs, a fundraiser could help restore and preserve it.

Plan a clean-up: Kids and adults alike can take pride in tidying up a local park or green space in preparation for warmer weather. Make this activity fun by playing music and having local restaurants donate food and drinks for participants.

Find more information at www.statcan.gc.ca/census.

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