How to Choose a Real Estate Agent: Part 2

 What skills should you look for in a Realtor? 

In our last article, we shared out top tips for how to choose a real estate agent that would meet your needs. In this article we will cover what skills you should be looking for in your realtor. These skills make them more effective at their jobs and therefore should make the process simpler for you, in addition to achieving your goals based on preference and finances. Read ahead to learn more about what you need to look for. 

Certifications and Licensing 

Real estate is a regulated profession, which means you need to be educated and licensed to do it legally in Canada. This means your potential realtor will have completed the Real Estate Salesperson Program. This program will include hands-on experience in real estate. After the course, realtors register with RECO, and CREA, and have insurance. Finally, they register with their local real estate board. There are additional courses realtors can take for specialized circumstances which may be relevant to your situation. Some of these include “green” designations for realtors focused on sustainability, or another example is “senior real estate specialization” meaning they are equipped to work with senior citizens. Realtors can also become brokers with additional education. You will want to make sure that the person you hire has the correct licensing and is registered with your local board. 

Understanding of your Local Market 

As mentioned in the previous blog, you want to make sure that your realtor knows your area. A local agent will have a deeper understanding of appropriate pricing, how fast the market will move, and how to negotiate the best deal for you. Knowledge of the area will impact the techniques your realtor uses to get you the best deal. 


If this is your first time buying or selling, you want to make sure that your realtor knows what they are doing. You should look for someone familiar with the entire process and can guide you through each step transparently. If you feel comfortable with someone you consider a “newbie” make sure they are attached to a brokerage that is providing support to ensure your needs are met. It is usually easy to find out how much experience a realtor has because they generally advertise it in their marketing, but if you aren’t sure, ask them. 


An experienced realtor will have access to “inventory”. In real estate, repeat clients are a great sign, as well as having a good inventory of homes available. This means that people trust this person and their reputation. If you interview a realtor and they don’t have many clients or inventory, it might be a bad sign. You also want to make sure your realtor is working with your target property types. For example, choosing a realtor who deals mostly with condos, won’t be the best choice if you are looking for a detached family home.  


The pandemic has created unusual market behaviours and pockets of activity in certain cities. This means you need a realtor who can be available as soon as you need them. Choose an agent who responds quickly and is easy to get in touch with. When you find a property you like, you want to be able to make an offer as soon as possible. 

Their Team 

An agent who works as part of a team can offer a more consistent presence to each of their clients. If someone else is focused on paperwork or answering calls, they can focus on the more important tasks of negotiations and building rapport. Real estate is complicated and fast paced. If your realtor works with a team and two offers are being negotiated simultaneously, it’s nice to have a second set of eyes on the situation. Additionally, a team will offer more connections to the services that will best serve you such as staging, photo/videography, cleaning, marketing, and legal. As agents work together, they also build their skills as they learn from each other and improve their practice, especially if their team is well rounded with different viewpoints and skills.  

After reading our previous blog and using these factors, you should be able to not only find a realtor that makes you feel comfortable but also one who has the skills to make your experience smooth and financially beneficial to you. At the Blackwell Group, we aim to meet the needs of all of our clients while building positive and long-lasting relationships. We want to help make this process as low-stress as possible. Reach out today to learn more about our skills and how we can support you in your real estate experience. We would love the chance to show you what we can do for you!

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