Raine Soriano

Administrative Assistant

I’ve been supporting real estate agents since 2016 and working with The Blackwell Group is by far the most fulfilling. The team puts so much value on every process to deliver only the best for our clients and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

I live with my partner whom I’ve known since 4th Grade with our 9 beautiful Cocker Spaniels. Yes, 9! When I’m not on my computer working with the team, you sure can find me in the backyard playing, bathing, or grooming the dogs, if not, I’m in the kitchen where I usually make my own mess or on the road on weekends but this has been limited because of the pandemic.

Raine Soriano

Office: (226) 686-1320
380 Jamieson Pkwy #12
Cambridge, ON
N3C 4N4

Charity of choice

Project Malasakit
Project Malasakit is a scholarship foundation bridging the gap between Filipinos who want to help and Filipino children who need to be helped. Project Malasakit also helps remote communities in the Philippines through outreach and community projects.